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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are indirect costs allowed?
    No, indirect costs are not allowed through the “Health Care and Other Facilities” Construction Award Program

  2. Certain aspects of our HCOF-funded project may change in the future. How should we handle this?
    Most projects undergo some change.  If there are changes after the award is issued, they can be handled by a Change of Scope request.

  3. What is the role of the Engineering and Architectural Services with the award and how does it differ from my contact in the Program Office?
    The Program Office is involved in programmatic issues and general award oversight and administration.  Engineering and Architectural Services is actively involved in overseeing the construction process.

  4. What are financial reporting requirements for the “Health Care and Other Facilities” Construction Award Program?
    See Reporting Requirements in the “Health Care and Other Facilities” Construction Award Program Guidance for a listing of financial reporting requirements as well as other reporting requirements.

  5. Does this award require Public Health Impact Statements?

or 301-443-3665

Drawdown of Funds
Payment Management System
or 1-877-614-5533

Grant Terms and Conditions
Contact the grants management specialist listed in the Notice of Grant Award