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Nursing Workforce Award Totals by State

Nursing Workforce Grant Totals by State
StateAward Amount
Alabama State Total:$3,964,128
Alaska State Total:$17,471
Arizona State Total:$1,156,339
Arkansas State Total:$144,106
California State Total:$4,880,191
Colorado State Total:$924,934
Connecticut State Total:$1,630,093
Delaware State Total:$161,530
Disctrict of Columbia Total:$428,035
Florida State Total:$2,664,112
Georgia State Total:$2,335,226
Hawaii State Total:$373,042
Idaho State Total:$321,044
Illinois State Total:$1,514,237
Indiana State Total:$2,152,304
Iowa State Total:$713,237
Kansas State Total:$262,691
Kentucky State Total:$568,255
Louisiana State Total:$2,240,472
Maine State Total:$623,388
Maryland State Total:$1,304,779
Massachussetts State Total:$1,931,115
Michigan State Total:$3,987,552
Minnesota State Total:$826,113
Mississippi State Total:$532,084
Missouri State Total:$694,726
Montana State Total:$558,153
Nebraska State Total:$903,139
Nevada State Total:$710,207
New Hampshire State Total:$29,846
New Jersey State Total:$1,590,490
New Mexico State Total:$129,180
New York State Total:$4,761,095
North Carolina State Total:$1,474,070
North Dakota State Total:$1,367,149
Ohio State Total:$4,464,243
Oklahoma State Total:$87,551
Oregon State Total:$216,081
Pennsylvania State Total:$5,002,112
Puerto Rico Total:$536,190
Rhode Island State Total:$297,983
South Carolina State Total:$657,686
South Dakota State Total:$645,699
Tennessee State Total:$2,612,081
Texas State Total:$2,079,171
Utah State Total:$664,469
Vermont State Total:$211,179
Virginia State Total:$853,462
Washington State Total:$2,592,642
West Virginia State Total:$570,597
Wisconsin State Total:$1,896,645
Wyoming State Total:$32,233