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District of Columbia: Health Center Outreach & Enrollment Assistance

Total: $631,057 to 5 health centers ($506,057 in FY 13 plus $125,000 in FY 14)

The District of Columbia has 5 health centers with 47 sites that served 141,877 patients last year, 13.52 percent of them uninsured.  With their FY 13 Outreach and Enrollment funding, the health centers listed below expected to hire 9 new workers, who will assist 5,729 people with enrollment into affordable health insurance coverage.

Health CenterCityFY 13 Award AmountFY 14 Award Amount
COMMUNITY OF HOPE, INC.Washington$73,553$25,000
LA CLINICA DEL PUEBLO, INC.Washington$70,594$25,000
MARY'S CENTER FOR MATERNAL & CHILD CARE, INC.Washington$171,871$25,000
UNITY HEALTH CARE, INC.Washington$119,533$25,000