Office of Regional Operations

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The Office of Regional Operations (ORO) includes 10 regional offices, 1 sub-regional office in Puerto Rico, and its headquarters in Rockville, Maryland.

ORO's Mission

To improve health equity in underserved communities through on-the-ground outreach, education, technical assistance and partnering with local, state and federal organizations.

What We Do

ORO provides regional leadership on HRSA’s mission, goals, priorities and initiatives in the regions, states and territories.  

ORO’s Core Functions

External Affairs and Outreach: ORO serves as the HRSA liaison and regional leader conducting outreach to increase knowledge about HRSA’s programs and priorities, and increase access to care.

Strategic Stakeholder Partnerships: ORO engages partners at various levels (federal, state, and local) and brokers relationships to advance HHS/HRSA priorities and provide targeted strategic action.

Regional Surveillance: ORO identifies and reports critical ground-level communications and information about regional/state trends to inform HRSA’s operations, decision-making, and allocation of resources.

ORO Priority Areas

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Delivery System Reform 

ORO collaborates with local, state and federal partners to host events, make presentations, provide technical assistance and disseminate information to support the continued implementation of Delivery System Reform and to increase individuals’ enrollment in and/or knowledge about the health insurance marketplace and utilization of coverage. 

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HRSA Bureau/Office Collaborations 

ORO extends the reach of HRSA’s programs by leveraging ORO’s knowledge of the regional landscape, proximity, and network of contacts. At the request of HRSA’s programmatic offices, ORO provides assistance to grantees, represents HRSA at state/regional meetings, provides pre and post-award support for potential and current grantees and provides ongoing support and information to HRSA’s programmatic offices during emergent public health issues. 

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Outreach and Education 

ORO provides technical assistance and training to educate stakeholders, eligible applicants and targeted populations on HRSA’s mission, programs and resources to support the submission of competitive applications for HRSA funding opportunities. 

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Behavioral Health: Prevention and Integration 

ORO facilitates access to behavioral health care services and resources to target populations and provides need-based technical assistance and training on behavioral health topics, presents on HRSA’s behavioral health-related priorities, initiatives and programs at local, state or regional meetings, and provides HRSA representation on regional and national behavioral health related workgroups, teams or committees. 

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State and Community Engagement 

ORO provides information about HRSA’s programs and resources to state health officials to increase the state’s ability to leverage HRSA assets to improve population health. ORO also facilitates collaboration and coordination in the delivery of programs by connecting state health officials with key stakeholders, grantees, and initiatives. 

ORO provides intensive assistances to and partners with leaders and organizations in select communities to address specific chronic conditions, health disparities, or gaps in care coordination. 

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Special Initiatives and Partnerships 

ORO develops and participates in activities to addresses local, state and regional needs that are in alignment with HRSA’s mission and goals. 

For each of these priority areas, ORO places special emphasis on providing outreach and support to Tribal and rural communities.

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ORO Can Help...

  • When you need contextual information about the regional/state landscape that may impact your program, grant or population you serve.
  • When you want to know more about HRSA sponsored regional/state meetings and events.
  • When you are looking for a new type of partner, technical assistance or resource (including funding opportunities).
  • When you need HRSA representation at regional/state meetings and events.
  • When you want to know more about other U.S. Department of Health and Human Services programs, resources, and initiatives.

Contact the HRSA regional office that serves your state or territory if you need assistance with any of these areas.

Last Reviewed: March 2016

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