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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
Health Resources and Services Administration
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Open Opportunities

HRSA makes grants to organizations to improve and expand health care services for underserved people, focusing on the following program areas:

Health Workforce | HIV/AIDS | Maternal & Child Health | Office of the Administrator | Primary Health Care/Health Centers | Rural Health | Healthcare Systems | Organ Donation 

Health Workforce Open Opportunities

HRSA-17-063 Nursing Workforce Diversity (NWD) Program

HRSA-17-066 Nurse Faculty Loan Program

HRSA-17-064 Nurse Anesthetist Traineeship (NAT) Program

HRSA-17-065 Centers of Excellence (COE)

HRSA-17-067 Advanced Nursing Education Workforce (ANEW) Program

HIV/AIDS Open Opportunities

HRSA-17-037 AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP) Emergency Relief Funds (ERF)

HRSA-17-036 HIV Care Grant Program - Part BStates/Territories Formula and AIDS Drug Assistance Program Formula and ADAP

HRSA-17-032 Resilient and Responsive Health Organizations: Sustainability Communities of Practice Initiative (RRHO)

Maternal & Child Health Open Opportunities

HRSA-17-094 National Action Partnership to Promote Safe Sleep Program

HRSA-17-029 Leadership Education in Adolescent Health (LEAH)

HRSA-17-079 Sickle Cell Disease Newborn Screening Follow-Up Program

HRSA-17-013 R40 Autism Field-Initiated Innovative Research Studies (Autism-FIRST) Program

HRSA-17-014 Autism Single Investigator Innovation Program (Autism-SIIP)

HRSA-17-084 National Coordinating Center for the Regional Genetics Networks

HRSA-17-083 National Genetics Education and Family Support Center

HRSA-17-082 Regional Genetics Networks

HRSA-17-081 Maternal and Child Environmental Health Network

Office of Administrator Open Opportunities

None at this time.

Primary Health Care/Health Centers Open Opportunities

HRSA-17-053 Service Area Competition

HRSA-17-054 Service Area Competition

HRSA-17-055 Service Area Competition

HRSA-17-058 National Training and Technical Assistance Cooperative Agreements (NCAs)

HRSA-17-057 State and Regional Primary Care Association (PCA) Cooperative Agreements

Healthcare Systems Open Opportunities

None at this time.

Rural Health Open Opportunities

HRSA-17-003 Rural Policy Analysis Program

HRSA-17-018 Rural Health Network Development Program

HRSA-17-002 Rural Health Research Dissemination Cooperative Agreement

Organ Donation & Transplantation Open Opportunities

None at this time.

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