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H H S Department of Health and Human Services
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Health Care and Other Facilities Construction

The Health Care and Other Facilities (HCOF) Construction Program provides congressional-directed funds to health facilities for construction-related activities and/or capital equipment purchases. Most projects are completed within 3 years, although some take as long as 5 years.

All recipients of funding  must submit an application  for the funds to be officially awarded. Organizations may apply for

  • moveable equipment only;
  • construction projects for which Federal assistance is limited to design (design only); or
  • new construction or renovation, with or without equipment.

HCOF-funded projects are required to comply with Federal, state and local laws, codes and ordinances and to provide periodic status updates so that the HCOF Program Office can determine whether projects are progressing according to plan, meeting deadlines established in the Notice of Grant Award, and drawing down funds appropriately. 

HCOF funding has supported the construction, renovation and equipment needs at facilities such as hospitals, outpatient clinics, skilled nursing facilities, university academic programs, health departments, trauma care centers, drug abuse centers, research centers, and other health care facilities since 1998. Funding is limited to earmarked entities and the purposes identified in the annual HRSA appropriation. 

In FY 2010, $274 million was available to fund approximately 600 awards. 


or 301-443-3665

Drawdown of Funds
Payment Management System
or 1-877-614-5533

Grant Terms and Conditions
Contact the grants management specialist listed in the Notice of Grant Award