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How Can I Use Health IT for Data Reporting to HRSA/HAB?

HRSA/HAB requires that you conduct a quality management program that uses data and measurable outcomes to determine progress toward relevant, evidence-based benchmarks. The data collected as part of this process will help determine whether your goals are accomplished and improved outcomes are realized.  You will be required to report this data, such as indicators and performance measures, to HRSA/HAB.  

Online reporting systems are available to allow grantees to report data electronically.  Depending on the type of report, the EHR, the practice management system, or the particular disease registry may generate (or help you generate) the necessary reports.  Many EHRs, for instance, include modules for HIV/AIDS reporting.  Also, computerized disease registries can help you to quickly and easily extract reporting information.  These applications allow you to mine patient records electronically and to produce reports based on the patient data.  In addition, practice management system software is able to generate many quality reports, although these systems are generally not easily customizable and may not have the necessary functions for creating more complex reports.  As you purchase an EHR or other health IT components, you should consider its ability to generate your required reports.

There are a number of software products available to help you produce and upload the required Ryan White Services (RWS) reports.  One option is CAREWare, a free and scalable software that can help you to quickly produce Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program Annual Data Reports and the HIV/AIDS Program Services Reports.  Another option is to use an EHR vendor’s proprietary software system to produce the required reports or to export the file in the required XML format.  Participating software vendors include eClincialWorks, AIRS, ARIES, and Casewatch Millennium.   If you do not use a participating software vendor, you can obtain HAB’s Tool for RSR Export (T-REX), and then use T-REX to create the XML file.  The TARET Center: Technical Assistance for the Ryan White website go to exit disclaimer provides information on reporting requirements and other software options for creating the reports electronically.  

You will need to be familiar with the reporting requirements and standards of different programs and agencies, as their quality management programs and reporting requirements often differ.  JCAHO, Medicaid, Medicare, Ryan White, and the EHR Incentive Programs, for example, each have different quality measures.  Federal agencies and programs are trying to coordinate these requirements and standards, which should ease your reporting burden, but their programs and requirements, are not yet fully coordinated.  Also, as Federal agencies move to electronic reporting, you will need to be able to submit reports electronically.  The EHR Incentive Programs, for example, allow you to attest to meeting the required measures in the first year that you meaningfully use your EHR system, but in the following years you will need to submit these data electronically.  You will also be expected to use your EHR system to calculate these measures.  

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HRSA HIV/AIDS Programs: Reporting Requirements – The HIV/AIDS Bureau’s (HAB’s) reporting website provides manuals, reports and links to help grantees submit data electronically.  Among the specific reporting requirements are the Program Data Report (RDR), Program Services Report (RSR), AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP), Allocation and Expenditure Reports (A&E Reports), Dental Services Report, and the Part A Minority AIDS Initiative Report.
HRSA HIV/AIDS Program: Quality of Care – This webpage provides an overview of HAB’s quality initiatives. It includes links to the HIV/AIDS, CareHHS Guidelines, HAB performance measures, clinical care protocols/practices, the HIVQUAL Continuous Quality Program, and the National Quality Center.
TARGET Center: Technical Assistance for the Ryan White go to exit disclaimer– This website is the central source of technical assistance and training resources for Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program grantees.

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