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Health Information Technology

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How Can Patients Make Use of Health IT?

A number of technologies directed towards patients can help to improve care for people living with HIV/AIDS.  One such technology is a Personal Health Record (PHR) that your patients can use to collect, track and share past and current information about their health, medications, and personal health measures.  Some PHR systems also offer additional functions, such as allowing your patients to schedule appointments over the Internet, receive lab results on their computer, and communicate directly with you or your office to the extent that you determine is most appropriate.  PHR systems can also allow patients to link to or download health information resources that support patient health literacy, education, decision support, and self-care.  They may link patients to social networking sites for people with HIV/AIDS, serving as a communication vehicle for the sharing of medical information and for social support.   

In addition to PHRs, some EHR systems let patients view part or all of their electronic medical records from a patient portal that is linked to the patient’s electronic medical record.  The Meaningful Use program requires that all certified EHR systems offer the technical capability of giving your patients an electronic copy of their health information and providing them a clinical summary after each office visit.  These copies may be a print-out of the information, or on a USB flash drive or CD.  

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