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How Do I Prepare For Go-Live?

The process for deploying a health IT system can be challenging. However, by carefully planning for system implementation, you can significantly reduce the likelihood of problems arising.  It is important that your organization consider the optimum method of implementation. Options include using a “phased implementation,” where one module or function of the EHR system is rolled out at a time or the implementation occurs gradually with selected providers.  The other option is the “big bang” approach, where the entire EHR system goes live at once and all providers participate in the roll out.

With the “phased implementation” approach, you can refine the system, resolve issues, and obtain staff feedback early in the implementation process. This approach offers your organization the opportunity to pilot the system so that the impacts of the system can be assessed and providers have more time to adjust to it.  The “big bang” approach, however, is practical in some cases, for example when your system is well tested and it is felt that your providers will adapt to the new system quickly.  Regardless of the approach selected, you must engage clinicians and staff and conduct hands-on training so that staff and clinicians are properly trained to use the system.

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