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Health Information Technology and Quality

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What are some of the workflow considerations when implementing quality metrics?

The implementation of health IT impacts workflow, which in turn impacts data capture.  Understanding the impact of introducing a change to a clinician’s workflow is an important factor to consider during implementation.  

Additionally, consider the below suggestions related to workflow:

  • Determine who will use the measures (e.g. providers, nurses, admin staff, MAs).
  • Consider the situations in which the measures will be used (e.g. printing, point of care, reporting), the time and effort required to enter and use the data, and who is in the best position to complete each activity required.
  • Assess staff availability and capability to abstract the process and play the role they are assigned.
  • Train the care team in overcoming barriers to implementation.
  • Include staff as much as possible in the implementation process.
  • Assure staff understands the process, why the measure is being implemented, and the goals behind implementation.
  • Evaluate staff buy-in and provide a positive atmosphere to maintain a prepared, pro-active team.
  • Implement quality metrics that will increase workflow efficiency.
  • Be prepared to design and implement new activities and workflows.
  • Evaluate the overall culture of your health center and determine where you can make a change
  • Consider current workflow to anticipate any disruptions based on a new quality improvement initiative.
  • Engage in process mapping to prepare for any potential ramifications created by the new activity.

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