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Health Information Technology and Quality

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How do we evaluate the proposals?

To systematically evaluate potential vendors and their products, health centers should utilize standardized rubrics. A number of templates have been included below to facilitate this process. The evaluation should attempt to be as comprehensive as possible and should include assessing the clinical system, the pricing model, the maintenance plan and the vendor for financial stability and experience. The information obtained through this process facilitates the selection of a health IT vendor. Upon the scoring of the RFPs using a rubric, health centers can invite preferred vendors to give onsite demonstrations of their products. Due to the importance of receiving user feedback, key personnel should be invited to all the vendor demonstrations.  Including primary users of the health IT system in each step of the adoption process eases the burden of implementation in the future.  In addition to onsite vendor demonstrations, an organization should also consider conducting a site visit to a location that is using the system.

Resources on evaluating vendor proposals and evaluations:

  • Vendor Evaluation Matrix (PDF -165.2)  go to exit disclaimer – This resource, developed by DOQ-IT, provides a comprehensive list of possible requirements that can be used as a checklist for multiple vendors to help determine the best suited project for a particular clinic or practice.
  • EHR Master Quote Guide (DOC - 397KB  go to exit disclaimer – This tool, created by E-health Initiative, is intended to assist small- to medium-sized medical practices in comparing the costs of electronic health record (EHR) vendors.
  • Preparation for Vendor Selection (PDF - 98.3KB)   go to exit disclaimer - This tool was developed by the Arkansas Foundation for Medical Care. This tool is meant to help clinics outline the goals that will guide them in selecting an EHR vendor. The goals are separated into four categories that represent four aspects of EHR: functionality, usability, practicality, and reputation.  
  • Vendor Demonstration Sample Script (DOC - 98.5KB)  go to exit disclaimer – This resource, created by DOQ-IT, is a sample script to vendors outlining specific questions regarding their health IT product.
  • Tips for Scheduling Vendor Demonstrations (PDF - 320KB)  go to exit disclaimer - Written by the Medical Review of North Carolina, Inc, for the DOQ-IT program.  This document outlines a process to follow when a vendor is doing a demonstration of their EHR software.
Developed by the Health Resources and Services Administration as a resource for health centers and other safety net and ambulatory care providers who are seeking to implement health IT.
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