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Health Information Technology

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Most safety net providers collaborate by sharing expertise and technology to obtain and operate EHR systems and exchange health information. Collaboration offers safety net providers important benefits, including savings, expertise, support, and help with meeting Meaningful Use requirements. There are a variety of opportunities to collaborate.      

What You Need to Know about Collaboration

Many resources are available to help safety net providers implement EHR systems and exchange health information electronically. Before implementing or upgrading health IT, it will be helpful to know what types of services are available from which groups so you can decide what is best for your organization. This section introduces the different groups that offer assistance and explains the basics of health information exchange.

How to Collaborate

Access to organizations established to help implement health IT and other resources for assistance usually is not complicated or costly. They are there to help you, whether you need help with EHR implementation or with health information exchange. 

Read suggested steps for locating and collaborating with these groups.