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Health Information Technology

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Evaluate & Optimize

A key step in the EHR implementation process, and the focus of this section, is determining how well the EHR works in your setting and improving its use. This type of “system evaluation” helps you answer the basic evaluation question, “What can we do better?”  The findings help you determine whether you are reaching the original goals you set for your EHR, uncover problems so you can fix them, and demonstrate the value of your system to stakeholders. Evaluations can be done in many ways—including interviews, surveys, and observations—and this section describes how to undertake each of them. Whichever way you choose to evaluate your EHR, the process need not be expensive, time consuming, or complicated.

What You Need to Know About Evaluation and Optimization

This section explains the following concepts to understand before you begin planning your EHR evaluation:

How to Evaluate and Optimize

This section provides step-by-step guidance about how to go about determining whether your EHR is functioning as planned and meeting your needs. It will enable you to undertake these tasks: