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Health Information Technology

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Plan Project

By taking time up front to think through the task of implementing a new EHR or upgrading an outdated system, safety net providers can take advantage of the many benefits health IT offers and avoid issues that can make the adoption process seem difficult. This section describes the basic principles of planning EHR implementation projects, and highlights the steps to take for a successful project.    

Project Planning Tip:

Core principles of project planning can also apply to other health IT projects such as implementing health information exchanges, or e-prescribing, e-dental, or e-lab systems.

What You Need to Know About Project Planning

To ensure successful EHR implementation, safety net providers find it works best to devote time and effort to planning ahead. Important elements of the project are sometimes combined into a single plan or created as separate mini-plans that can be expanded later in the implementation process.

This section discusses these key planning concepts:  

How to Plan Your Project

Planning and monitoring implementation of health IT projects involves many steps, and it is helpful to think of it as a process that continues throughout the life of the EHR. You will need to make an overall plan to get started and then expand it as you undertake the steps required to acquire, install, and use your new technology. Planning for an EHR implementation project usually involves these broad steps: