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Human Subjects Protection
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Protecting Human Subjects Training

Protecting Human Subjects Training

The entire training should take you about 90 minutes to complete; however, you can complete each module independently of the others. Module 1 is 22 minutes. Module 2 is 28 minutes and Module 3 is 36 minutes.

  • Module 1 Go to exit disclaimer.Evolving Concern: Protection for Human Subjects
  • Module 2 Go to exit disclaimer.: The Belmont Report: Basic Ethical Principles and Their Application
  • Module 3 Go to exit disclaimer.: Balancing Society's Mandates: Criteria for Protocol Review
  • Institutional Review Board Guidebook provides additional information on protecting the rights and welfare of human subjects as defined in the HHS regulations (45 CFR 46), Protection of Human Subjects, revised June 18, 1991

What You Will Learn

  • Historical background for behavioral and biomedical research
  • Ethical principles for human subject research
  • Case studies
  • Information on the role of an Institutional Review Board

Why HRSA Protects Human Participants in Research Studies

HRSA is required to protect human subjects under its FederalWide Assurance with the HHS Office for Human Research Protections and the Protection of Human Subjects Participating in Research Programs Conducted or Supported by HRSA policy. The protections apply to studies conducted internally by Federal staff and to external studies conducted by grantees and contractors.