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Readiness Assessment & Developing Project Aims

Part 1: Introduction

Part 2: Key Characteristics of Readiness

Part 3: Assessing Organizational Culture for Change

Part 4: Tools to Support Readiness Assessment

Part 5: Developing and Writing Effective Aim Statement

Part 6: Tools to Support the Development of Aim Statements

Part 7: Related Resources

Part 6: Tools to Support the Development of Aim Statements

The following are resources that your QI team can use to develop aim statements:

.Identifying the Problem and Stating Your Aim. (PDF - 5 pages) GO!Diabetes.- This article developed by GO! Diabetes describes how providers should go about identifying issues and developing aims to address those issues.

The Key Components of a Quality Improvement Project: A Step by Step Process  (PPT - 225KB) Moran, John, and Duffy, Grace. (2008, November 7). - This PowerPoint presentation developed by the Public Health Foundation provides a step for step process for a quality improvement project.

Sample Aim Statement and Worksheet for Developing a Spread Aim. (PDF - 2 pages) Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. - This worksheet developed by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation lists questions that providers should consider when writing spread aims.

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