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Delta RHPI Selection Considerations

Basic criteria for selection:

  1. Geographic location, counties listed by the Delta Regional Authority, and
  2. Less than 200 beds.

Additional considerations for selecting hospitals to participate in consultations:

  1. Receipt of a completed application for RHPI services.
  2. Demonstrated support by the hospital's Board for participation in RHPI.
  3. Demonstrated need for technical assistance as shown through financial or operational indicators.
  4. Willingness to participate in all steps of the performance improvement process:
    1. Examination of current hospital performance
    2. Identification of strategies for improvement
    3. Implementation of strategies
    4. Provision of outcome data resulting from the consultation
    5. Participation in program activities that support sustainability
  5. The hospital Chief Executive Officer shall be actively involved and engaged in the project, and facilitate the consultation to implement performance improvement recommendations.
  6. Hospitals that have been previously served with onsite consultations should demonstrate expected progress in implementing performance improvement recommendations.  Consideration is given when the hospital has experienced a major change such as loss of its administrator.
  7. State hospital association and/or state office of rural health recommendation that the hospital is a good candidate and would benefit from the service.
  8. No pending or anticipated issues that would hinder the consultation process.
  9. Congruence between hospital needs and available consulting services.