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Rural Health

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Regional Liaisons

Click on an area to find your Regional Liaison's contact information:

Office of Rural Health regional map of the United States Region ERegion CRegion BRegion DREgion A

Region A

Jeanene Meyers (Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Vermont)
(301) 443-2482

Keith Midberry (Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Rhode Island, Maine, Virginia, West Virginia)
(301) 443-2669

Region B

Bridget Ware (Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Mississippi, South Carolina)
(301) 443-3822

Sarah Young (Kentucky, North Carolina, Tennessee)
(301) 443-5905

Region C

Megan Meacham (Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska)
(301) 443-8349

Mike McNeely (Kansas, Michigan, Missouri, Ohio, Wisconsin)
(301) 443-5812

Region D 

Steve Hirsch (Hawaii, Nevada, Oklahoma, Arizona, California, New Mexico)
(301) 443-7322

Sarah Young (Arkansas, Louisiana, Texas)
(301) 443-5905

Region E 

Suzanne Stack (Alaska, Colorado, Oregon, South Dakota, Utah)
(301) 443-4043

Dan Mareck (Idaho, Montana, North Dakota, Washington, Wyoming)
(301) 594-4198