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Rural Health

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Affordable Care Act and Rural Health

Office Hours: Alternating Wednesdays, 3-4 PM ET

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Spotlight on California: conducting outreach and enrollment in a state based marketplace
December 3
Phone 888-831-8965 | passcode 5904375

Our biweekly Office Hours sessions support rural health stakeholders and grantees through the initial open enrollment period (November 15, 2014 through February 15, 2015) of the new Health Insurance Marketplace with updates on ACA implementation and extended time for questions. When possible, the calls feature consumer assistance organizations working in rural areas. All are recorded and available here for your review.

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Previous Calls

Research Overview from the Rural Policy Research Institute on Marketplace Enrollment (recorded 10/08/2014)

Enrollment Resource: In the Loop (recorded 09/22/2014)

Medicaid and CHIP: Reaching and Enrolling Eligible People All Year Round (recorded 09/09/2014)

Lessons Learned about Rural Outreach and Enrollment from ORHP Affordable Care Act Supplemental Funding Grantees (PDF - 543 KB) (held 08/27/2014)

Entering the Final Weeks of Open Enrollment (recorded 03/12/2014)

Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services: Exemptions and the Marketplace (recorded 02/26/2014)

Little Dixie Community Action Agency (recorded 02/12/2014)

Featuring the Center for Rural Health (Arizona) (recorded 01/22/2014)

Conversation with HRSA Administrator Mary Wakefield, Ph.D., R.N. (recorded 01/15/2014)

Preparing for the Second Half of Open Enrollment (recorded 01/08/2014)

Women’s Health and the ACA (recorded 12/11/2013)

Partnering with Human Services Agencies to Conduct Outreach, Education, and Enrollment (recorded 12/04/2013)

Link Between Medicaid and the Health Insurance Marketplace (recorded 11/20/2013)

Featured Outreach, Education, and Enrollment Activities: Kentucky State Office of Rural Health (recorded 11/13/2013)

Updates on HHS Resources Available Through and and Around the Country (recorded 11/06/2013)

Affordable Care Act 101 (recorded 06/13/2013)

Changes to Medicaid Under the Affordable Care Act (recorded 06/27/2013)

Overview of Consumer Assistance Programs (recorded 07/10/2013)

SHOPs, Tax Credits, Cost-Sharing Reductions, and the Unbanked Population (recorded 07/17/2013)

Minimum Essential Coverage, Exemptions, and Dual Eligibles (recorded 07/24/2013)

Overview of Consumer Assistance Programs (Recorded 07/31/13, Reprise of 7/10/2013 Presentation)

Border Health and the Affordable Care Act (Recorded 08/07/2013)

Wednesday, August 14, 2013: Health Information Technology and ICD-10 (Recorded 08/14/2013)

Community Health Needs Assessment (Recorded 08/21/2013)

Navigator and Certified Application Counselor Training Resources (Recorded 08/28/2013)

Enroll America Strategy and Resources (Recorded 09/11/2013)

ORHP Outreach Supplemental Awards (Recorded 09/18/2013)

CMS/CCIIO Presentation on the Paper Application Process (Recorded 10/30/2013)

Online and Local Resources for Outreach, Education, and Enrollment (Recorded 11/06)

Spotlight on the Kentucky SORH's Outreach and Education Activities (Recorded 11/13/2013)

Medicaid, CHIP, and the ACA (Recorded 11/20/2013)