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Rural Health

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Rural Health Research Centers Directory

Maine Rural Health Research Center
(207) 780-4430
Director: David Hartley, PhD, MHA
Deputy Director: Andrew F. Coburn, PhD

North Carolina Rural Health Research & Policy Analysis Center 
(919) 966-5541
Director: Rebecca T. Slifkin, PhD
Deputy Director: Victoria Freeman, DrPH, RN

West Virginia Rural Health Research Center 
(304) 347-1348
Director: Michael Hendryx, PhD
Deputy Director: Cynthia Persily, PhD

South Carolina Rural Health Research Center 
(803) 251-6317
Director: Janice C. Probst, PhD
Deputy Director: Amy Brock Martin, DrPH

Upper Midwest Rural Health Research Center
University of MN & University of ND
(612) 624-8618
Director: Ira Moscovice, PhD
Deputy Director: Michelle Casey, MS

WWAMI Rural Health Research Center
(206) 685-0402
Director: Mark Doescher, MD
Deputy Director: Susan M. Skillman, MS

Rural Health Policy Analysis Initiatives

RUPRI Center for Rural Health Policy Analysis 
Rural Policy Research Institute
University of Nebraska Medical Center
PI: Keith Mueller, Ph.D

Rapid Response to Requests for Rural Data Analysis 
North Carolina Rural Health Research & Policy Analysis Center
(919) 966-5541
PI: Rebecca T. Slifkin, PhD

Rural Policy Analysis and Applications 
Rural Policy Research Institute
University of Missouri - Columbia
(573) 882-0316
PI: Brian Dabson

Research Gateway

Rural Health Research Gateway
The Rural Health Research Gateway Exit Disclaimer is a “one stop shop” for research findings from all the Research Centers.

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