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H H S Department of Health and Human Services
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Rural Health

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Rural clinic image.The ORHP-funded Rural Assistance Center (RAC) Go to exit disclaimer. is a one-stop resource for rural health and human services. RAC helps rural communities and other rural stakeholders access the full range of available programs, funding, and research that can enable them to provide quality health and human services to rural residents.

Rural Guide to Federal Health Professions Funding (PDF - 208 KB)

Access to Capital programs provide funding and information for capital projects, a major concern for many rural healthcare facilities, particularly Critical Access Hospitals.

Health Information Technology provides information on recent developments in rural HIT, which has the potential to transform the landscape of how medical services are delivered, managed, and shared.

Rural Minority Health provides assistance to health care providers of historically-underserved racial/ethnic minorities and new immigrants, who comprise 30 percent of the rural poor population in this country.

Workforce programs provide funding and professional resources to help address the chronic need for health care providers in rural areas.

Policy and Research Resources provide analysis of the effects of Federal policy on the 62 million residents of rural communities. 

Community-Based Resources provides funding to increase access to care in rural communities through grant programs and multiple contracts.

Hospital and State Resources help improve and maintain access to high quality health care in rural areas through strategic partnerships.

HRSA Geospatial Data Warehouse provides a wide array of data and statistics on rural health grantees.

Rural Health Research Gateway

Rural Health Research Gateway logo.

The Rural Health Research Gateway Go to exit disclaimer. is a “one stop shop” for research findings from all the Rural Health Research Centers.

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