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Guidelines for Women’s Preventive Services

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Funding Opportunity:
Guidelines for Women’s Preventive Services

Any public or private entity, including Indian tribes, tribal organizations, and faith-based and community-based organizations.

Award Details
One awardee will be selected for a projected period of five years. The amount to be awarded will be approximately $950,000 annually.

Apply by January 4, 2016

Women face a number of unique health issues and concerns. To address these, HRSA, in concert with an external review committee, will review, and continually update, the Guidelines for Women’s Preventive Services.

Why Do the Guidelines Need to Be Updated?

The current guidelines were developed in 2011 based on recommendations from an HHS-commissioned study by the National Academy of Medicine (NAM), formerly known as the Institute of Medicine. Since then, there have been:

  • Advancements in science and research;
  • Gaps identified, such as a lack of detail on addressing practice-based clinical considerations and age-appropriateness in practice settings.

For these reasons, and to follow the NAM’s recommendation to update the guidelines at least every five years, HRSA intends to implement a regular process for updating them.

Who Will Develop the New Guidelines?

The funding opportunity - open now on - requires that the awardee create an external review committee to conduct reviews and propose updates and revisions to the current guidelines.

Technical Assistance Webcast

MCHB will host a technical assistance webcast to review the FOA and provide answers to applicants’ questions.

Date/Time: Friday, November 20 from 10 a.m. - 12 p.m. EST

Join the webcast – select “Enter as Guest” and type in your name.

Conference line: 1-866-714-2132
Passcode: 1427617#

If you are unable to attend, a recording of the webcast will be made available on this site after November 23, 2015.

This model will create a coalition of health professional organizations with expertise in women’s health across the lifespan to leverage existing partnerships, and facilitate the inclusion of a broad range of expertise.

Public input will be sought for:

  1. defining the scope of the recommended guidelines;
  2. identifying and assessing the evidence base; and
  3. distributing the guidelines.

What are the Goals of Developing the New Guidelines?

  1. Establish a process for developing and regularly updating guidelines for women’s preventive services.
  2. Obtain participation from health professional organizations on developing recommended guidelines for women’s preventive services.
  3. Review and synthesize existing guidelines and new scientific evidence for women’s preventive services.
  4. Develop recommended comprehensive guidelines for women’s preventive services.
  5. Disseminate HRSA-supported comprehensive guidelines for use in clinical practice.