FY 2014 AIDS Education and Training Centers Program Grant Recipients

Awardee Amount
UCSF (Pacific) $4,240,295
Columbia (NY/NJ) $3,459,792
University of Pittsburgh (PA/Midatlantic) $3,517,965
University of Illinois, Chicago (MATEC) $2,548,357
University of South Florida (FL/Caribbean) $2,535,353
University of Washington, Seattle (NWAETC) $2,459,648
Emory  (SEATEC) $2,102,929
University of Colorado, Denver (Mountain Plains) $1,923,753
University of Massachusetts (New England) $1,736,781
Dallas County Hospital District (Texas/OK) $1,548,262
LSU (Delta) $1,428,765
UCSF (NCCC) $2,026,734
Rutgers (NRC) $822,136
UCSF (NEC) $477,440
Johns Hopkins $300,000
SUNY Downstate Medical Center $300,000
UCSF $300,000
Rutgers, State University of NJ $298,550
Duke University $253,702
University of  Pittsburgh $186,041
University of Washington $186,041
UCSF $186,041
Howard University $186,041
University of Colorado $186,041
University of Kentucky $186,041
University of South Florida $186,041
South Carolina Research Foundation $186,041
University of Arkansas $186,041
SUNY Downstate Medical Center $186,041
Family Medicine Residency of Idaho $186,041
Yale University $186,041
Total $34,512,954

Note: These data represent the total FY 2014 awards for AETC grantees. The source of funds includes AETC appropriations, Minority AIDS Initiative, SMAIF, CDC, and HAB technical assistance funds.

Date Last Reviewed:  March 2016