Health Center Quality Improvement FY 2015 Grant Awards

Total Quality Improvement Awards to Northern Mariana Islands: 1 totaling $15,000
EHR Reporter 1 Awards: 1 awards totaling $15,000
Clinical Quality Improver 2 Awards: 0 awards totaling $0
Health Center Quality Leader 3 Awards: 0 awards totaling $0
National Quality Leader 4 Awards: 0 awards totaling $0

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Health Center GranteeCityStateEHR Reporters 1Clinical Quality Improvers 2Health Center Quality Leaders 3National Quality Leaders 4Total Award Amount

1 EHR Reporters - health centers that report clinical measures on the full universe of patients using EHR
2 Clinical Quality Improvers - health centers that have demonstrated improvements in one or more clinical measures
3 Health Center Quality Leaders - health centers that have the highest performance compared to their health center peers using risk adjusted quartile rankings
4 National Quality Leaders - health centers that are the highest performers compared to national standards and benchmarks in key clinical areas