VIII. Other Agency Specific Policies and Procedures

HRSA's Office of Communications maintains an internal intranet site providing guidance to HRSA staff on the clearance, digital services, logo usage and production of audiovisual products.

HRSA, through its Bureaus and Offices, administers a variety of service delivery and demonstration programs. HRSA also administers some specific research programs and a variety of epidemiological and service utilization studies, as well as evaluations that may be considered, at least in part, "research." Participants must be protected from potential risks that may be associated with any such research projects. Policies and procedures to protect human subjects in research programs conducted or supported by HRSA are available online.

This website gives guidance for compliance with HHS regulations dealing with protection of human research subjects. It states HRSA’s policy for various levels of protection applicable to HRSA programs, and explains how to determine the protection level appropriate to each program. It provides guidance on exemption for certain research activities or public benefit or service programs, requiring evaluation of such claims by program staff and approval by a HRSA Human Subjects Protection Committee.

If the public checks the HRSA resources for public information but does not find adequate information, they may file a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request. The HRSA FOIA webpage has the location and contact information for making such requests. The site contains a guide for requesting information and records from HRSA as well as a copy of the Freedom of Information Act, as amended. In addition, this site provides a link to the HHS Annual FOIA Report for Fiscal Years 1998 through 2018.

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