About the Office of Women's Health

The HRSA Office of Women’s Health (OWH) leads women’s health-related activities across the agency. We support programs that provide health care to women and girls who are geographically isolated, economically or medically vulnerable.

Vision: Healthy women, girls, families,and communities<br />
Mission: Improved the health, wellness, and safety of women and girls across the lifespan through policy, program, outreach and education. Policy, Program, Outreach & Education: Leadership InnovationOWHProgramOutreach & EducationImage Map

What are our priority areas?

Women's Preventive Services

Violence Prevention

How does our work help women and girls?


  • We integrate OWH priorities into HRSA policies and programs by using evidence-based, data-driven approaches that achieve a positive impact.
  • We engage with stakeholders to gather and interpret information to shape women's health policy.


  • We collaborate with internal and external partners to improve HRSA programs for underserved women and girls.
  • We develop and carry out programs and initiatives to achieve health equity among women and girls.

Outreach and Education

  • We create, coordinate, and distribute resources to educate providers and consumers about the biological and social effects of sex and gender.
  • We educate providers and consumers about the positive impact we make on women’s health.
Date Last Reviewed:  October 2019