Introduction to Strategic Plan FY 2016-2018

The Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA), as an agency of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), is the primary federal agency for improving access to health care for the tens of millions of Americans who are medically underserved or face barriers to needed care.  

This Strategic Plan FY 2016-FY 2018 is a blueprint for HRSA as it addresses ongoing access and service delivery issues in the context of an evolving healthcare system. The plan reflects HRSA’s commitment to build upon past successes while advancing its mission to improve health and health equity through access to quality services, a skilled health workforce, and innovative programs. The Strategic Plan sets forth five mission-critical goals:

Goal 1: Improve Access to Quality Health Care and Services
Goal 2: Strengthen the Health Workforce
Goal 3: Build Healthy Communities
Goal 4: Improve Health Equity
Goal 5: Strengthen HRSA Program Management and Operations

Because of their continuing relevance the first four goals are the same as those in HRSA’s strategic plan 2010-2015. A fifth goal has been added to focus on improving and strengthening operational and programmatic efficiency and effectiveness.

Objectives and strategies are outlined for each of these goals. Given the broad range and complexity of HRSA’s programs, the plan is not an inventory of all objectives HRSA will pursue or all actions that it will undertake. Instead, the plan presents priority objectives reflecting important changes and outcomes that HRSA hopes to achieve, and key strategies that indicate the main approaches HRSA intends to take to meet these objectives. The plan also identifies key performance measures that will be used to track and evaluate progress toward meeting the goals.

This strategic plan will inform program- and operational-level planning and resource allocation decisions over the next three years. It aligns with the HHS strategic plan for 2014 through 2018. The HRSA plan is a dynamic document. Because of this, there may be changes as HRSA adjusts to new circumstances, while keeping its focus on meeting the needs of the communities and individuals it serves and ensuring effective use of taxpayer dollars.  

Date Last Reviewed:  March 2017

HRSA Vision & Mission

Healthy Communities, Healthy People

To improve health and achieve health equity through access to quality services, a skilled health workforce and innovative programs.