Letter from the Administrator

George Sigounas, MS, Ph.D.

I am honored to share the 2019-2022 Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) Strategic Plan. The plan outlines a comprehensive framework for the agency’s future with an eye toward exciting and new initiatives. HRSA provides unique and important leadership within the federal government to some of the nation’s most vulnerable populations. Every day, the dedicated staff at HRSA works to ensure that individuals who are geographically isolated, economically disadvantaged, or medically vulnerable have access to high-quality health care and other services.

This strategic plan spells out ways HRSA will increase its impact throughout the country by using research and evidence-based decision-making to develop innovative solutions. We will address critical gaps in health care access and services. We will find new ways to incorporate technology, such as telehealth and artificial intelligence, into our programs. We will challenge ourselves and our stakeholders to find solutions to existing and emerging issues. We will recognize and reward the successes within the agency, as well as those of our grantees and stakeholders. We will do all we can to ensure that our efforts produce measurable, positive outcomes while always seeking to optimize resource allocation, employee engagement, and performance management.

At HRSA, we recognize that the health care landscape is constantly evolving. The vulnerable populations we serve – both urban and rural – face healthcare challenges which must be urgently addressed. The opioid crisis, substance use disorder and mental health care needs, ending the HIV epidemic, maternal mortality, oral health, childhood obesity, and health workforce shortages are all at the forefront of the work that HRSA will do. Guided by the goals spelled out in this strategic plan, we will focus our efforts on addressing these challenges and many others, while always looking forward and remaining agile so as to adapt to emerging health care needs.

The work that HRSA performs is vital to the populations we serve. Through implementation of this strategic plan, HRSA will further reduce health disparities and continue to broaden the availability of high-quality health care services.

George Sigounas, MS, Ph.D.
Administrator, Health Resources and Services Administration


Date Last Reviewed:  April 2019