Performance Measures

Achieving high performance in pursuing its mission is a major priority for HRSA. The measures presented below have been selected, from among the many measures used by HRSA to review performance, as points of focus for tracking and evaluating the status and progress in addressing Strategic Plan goals.

Goal 1: Improve access to quality health care and services


  • Number of patients served by health centers
  • Percent of eligible persons diagnosed with HIV served by the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program
  • Number of unique individuals receiving direct services through the Federal Office of Rural Health Policy Outreach grants
  • Number of participants served by the Maternal, Infant, and Early Childhood Home Visiting Program


  • Percent of patients served by the Ryan White Program, regardless of age, with a HIV viral load less than 200copies/mL at last HIV viral load test during the measurement year
  • Percent of health centers meeting or exceeding Healthy People 2020 goals on selected quality measures
  • Percent of Home Visiting participants who received appropriate screening for: (a) depression, (b) interpersonal violence, (c) developmental delay

Outreach and Enrollment

  • Number of assists provided by trained assisters working on behalf of health centers to support individuals with actual or potential enrollment/reenrollment in health insurance available through Marketplace-qualified health plans and/or through Medicaid or CHIP

Goal 2: Strengthen the Health Workforce

  • Field strength of the National Health Service Corps through scholarship and loan repayment agreements
  • Percentage of individuals supported by the Bureau of Health Workforce who completed a primary care training program and are currently employed in underserved areas
  • Percentage of trainees in Bureau of Health Workforce-supported health professions training programs who receive training in medically underserved communities
  • Percentage of trainees in Bureau of Health Workforce programs who are underrepresented minorities and/or from disadvantaged backgrounds

Goal 3: Build Healthy Communities

  • Number of pregnant women and children served by the Maternal and Child Health Block Grant
  • Percent of low birth weight births among Healthy Start program participants
  • Percent of health centers providing: (a) oral health, (b) behavioral health, and (c) specific preventive health services
  • Percent of donated kidneys used for transplantation

Goal 4: Improve Health Equity

  • Percent of (a) health centers and (b) Ryan/White programs that have reduced disparities on specific clinical performance measures
  • Number of blood stem cell transplants facilitated for minority patients by the C.W. Bill Young Cell Transplantation Program

Goal 5: Strengthen HRSA Program Management and Operations

  • Percent of HRSA products and services (e.g., FOAs, correspondence, reports, audits, technical assistance) that meet established quality and timeliness benchmarks
  • Program customer satisfaction: Percent of HRSA awardees reporting positively on key indicators
  • Employee satisfaction: Percent of HRSA staff reporting positively on key indicators
Date Last Reviewed:  March 2016

HRSA Vision & Mission

Healthy Communities, Healthy People

To improve health and achieve health equity through access to quality services, a skilled health workforce and innovative programs.