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Seeking Nominations

Visit the Federal Register for information about the Solicitation of Nominations for Membership to Serve on the Council on Graduate Medical Education

The legislation dictates that the Council consists of 17 members. 

Appointed Members

The Secretary of HHS appoints 14 of these members, and include:

  • Representatives of practicing primary care physicians
  • National and specialty physician organizations
  • International medical graduates
  • Medical student and house staff associations
  • Schools of medicine and osteopathy
  • Public and private teaching hospitals
  • Health insurers
  • Business
  • Labor

Federal Representatives

  • Assistant Secretary for Health, HHS
  • Administrator of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, HHS
  • Chief Medical Director of the Department of Veterans Affairs

Council Members

Council Members (PDF - 144 KB)

Want to be a council member?

Date Last Reviewed:  December 2020