Resource Papers

Supporting Diversity in the Health Professions (PDF- 344 KB), May 2016
State and Managed Care Support for Graduate Medical Education: Innovations and Implications for Federal Policy  (PDF - 469 KB), July 2004
Summary Report to Congress and Secretary Department of Health and Human Services (PDF - 510 KB), June 2002
Proceedings of the GME Financing Stakeholders Meeting, Public Response to COGME's Fifteenth Report (PDF - 767 KB), April 2001
Collaborative Education to Ensure Patient Safety (PDF -  6 MB), September 2000
Evaluation of Specialty Physician Workforce Methodologies (PDF - 1 MB), September 2000
Compendium: Update on the Physician Workforce (PDF - 438 KB), August 2000
COGME: What Is It? What Has It Done? Where Is It Going (PDF - 94KB), March 2000
The Effects of the Balanced Budget Act of 1997 on Graduate Medical Education (PDF - 117 KB), March 2000
International Medical Graduates (PDF - 3 MB), 1998
Preparing Learners for Practice in a Managed Care Environment (PDF - 1.87 MB), September 1997
Report on Primary Care Workforce Projections (PDF - 9.6 MB), December 1995
Process by which International Medical Graduates are Licensed to Practice in the United States, September 1995
Physician Assistants in the Health Workforce (PDF - 4.39 MB),1994
Reform in Medical Education and Medical Education in the Ambulatory Setting (PDF - 5.98 MB), September 1991
Assessing Physician Specialty Imbalances (PDF - 3.52 MB), June 1987
COGME, Public Hearing (PDF - 10 MB), 1987

Date Last Reviewed:  January 2018