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Department of Health and Human Services
Secretary's Advisory Committee on Infant Mortality
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July 13-14, 2004

This meeting included an orientation of new members to SACIM. The purpose of SACIM was explained, as well as ethical rules of conduct, the Committee charter, and the structure of meetings.

Presentation topics during this meeting included: U.S. and international infant mortality data; prematurity prevention, management, and research needs; and developmental outcomes for premature and low birth weight infants.

The committee was asked to review a list of low birth weight recommendations from the HHS Interagency Coordinating Council on Low Birth Weight (LBWCC) along with SACIM recommendations and propose a list of research priorities for the Secretary.

Members also discussed the agenda for the next meeting as well as the Committee’s long term goals.  

Agenda (PDF - 4 pages)

Summary of Meeting Minutes (PDF - 72 pages)

Members List (PDF - 4 pages)


Development and Follow-Up of Premature and Low Birth Weight Infants (PPT - 189 KB)
Marilee C. Allen, M.D.

Healthy Start (PPT - 9 MB)
Maribeth Badura, M.S.N., R.N.

HRSA Maternal and Child Health Bureau (PPT - 9 MB)
Peter C. Van Dyck, M.D., M.P.H.

International Collaborative Effort on Perinatal and Infant Mortality, 1984-94 (PPT - 2 MB) 

Low Birth Weight/Preterm Birth: Issues and Research Needs (PPT - 7 MB)

Perinatal Health in Canada (PPT - 875 KB)
K.S. Joseph, M.D, Ph.D

U.S. Trends in Births and Infant Deaths (PPT - 3 MB) 
Joyce A. Martin, M.P.H.; Kenneth D. Kochanek, M.A.; Paul D. Sutton, Ph.D.; Donna L. Hoyert, Ph.D.; Stephanie Ventura, M.A.; and Charles J. Rothwell, M.S.


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