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Department of Health and Human Services
Secretary's Advisory Committee on Infant Mortality
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March 1-2, 2005

This meeting included a panel discussion on provider reimbursement and payer systems. There was also a presentation on the ethical dilemmas and decision making in neonatal intensive care units, and a presentation on improving perinatal data.

The Committee selected their top priority issues and three subcommittees were formed to research those issues: Funding and Financing, Eliminating Health Disparities, and Clinical and Public Health Practice. Each subcommittee presented a report of their agenda and defined their areas of focus before the Committee.

There was an opportunity for public comments.

Agenda (PDF - 3 pages)

Summary of Meeting Minutes (PDF - 74 pages)

Members List (PDF - 4 pages) 


Ethical Issues in the NICU and Infant Mortality (PPT - 316 KB) - John Lantos, M.D.

Improving Perinatal Data (PPT - 492 KB) - Isabelle Horon, Dr.P.H.

Infant Mortality and Issues Relating to Perinatal Reporting (PPT - 2 MB) - Joyce A. Martin, M.P.H.; Marian MacDorman, Ph.D; Donna L. Hoyert, Ph.D; Ken Kochanek, M.A.; and Stephanie Ventura, M.A.

Medicaid Physician Payment (PPT - 43 KB) - Linda Tavener

Payment for Physicians' Services Under Medicare (PPT - 146 KB) - Carol Bazell, M.D., M.P.H.

Pediatric Reimbursement (PPT - 629 KB) - Charles Schulte, M.D., FAAP

Physician Payment Issues: Implications for Obstetric Care (PPT - 682 KB) - James Scroggs


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