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Department of Health and Human Services
Secretary's Advisory Committee on Infant Mortality
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June 13-14, 2007

This meeting included information about the implications of preterm birth in the United States and key provisions of the PREEMIE Act. Other presentation topics included periodontal health and the Pregnancy Risk Assessment Monitoring System.

Members were informed that the Committee's reports were finalized and would be on the Secretary's desk the following week.

Three public comments were made during the public comment period. 

Agenda (PDF - 3 pages)

Summary of Meeting Minutes (PDF - 42 pages)

Members List (PDF - 4 pages)


Cesarean Delivery and the Risk-Benefit Calculus (PPT - 2 MB) - Fredric D. Frigoletto, Jr., MD

CMS Neonatal Outcomes Improvement Project (PDF - 151 KB)

Healthy Start Update (PPT - 7 MB) - Maribeth Badura, M.S.N.

Late Preterm Birth (PPT - 1 MB) - Marvin L. Wang, MD

March of Dimes Prematurity Campaign (PPT - 4 MB) - Dr. Jennifer L. Howse

MCHB Presentation (PPT - 2 MB) - Peter C. Van Dyck, MD, MPH

Oral Health and Periodontal Disease (PPT - 691 KB) - M. Ann Drum, DDS, MPH

Pregnancy Risk Assessment Monitoring System (PRAMS) (PPT - 710 KB)

Services for Child and Family Upon Discharge from NICU (PPT - 26 MB) - Howard W. Kilbride, MD

Additional Materials

CDC Infant Mortality Statistics (PDF - 6 pages)

March of Dimes Prematurity Campaign Fact Sheet (PDF - 2 pages)

March of Dimes "Preemie Act" Summary of Provisions (PDF - 2 pages)

March of Dimes Prematurity Campaign Progress and Impact (PDF - 3 pages)

March of Dimes Prematurity Campaign Goals (PDF - 1 page)

NVSR 2004 Infant Mortality Statistics (PDF - 33 pages)


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