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Department of Health and Human Services
Secretary's Advisory Committee on Infant Mortality
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January 23-24, 2008

Certificates of appreciation were awarded to ten SACIM members whose terms were expiring.

Presentation topics included the National Fetal and Infant Mortality Review program, neonatal mortality, and preconceptional health.

Strategies to transition new members into the committee was also discussed. No public comments were made.

There were no committee meetings in 2009 or 2010.

Agenda (PDF - 3 pages)

Summary of Meeting Minutes
(PDF - 40 pages)

Members List (PDF - 4 pages)


Fetal and Infant Mortality Review: Using Qualitative Data to Address Issues Related to Health Disparities
(PPT - 1 MB) - Kathleen Buckley, MSN, CNM and Jodi Shaefer, RN, PhD

Healthy Start (PPT - 1 MB) - Maribeth Badura

Historical Overview of the Healthy Start Initiative and the NHSA (PPT - 920 KB) Peggy Sanchez Mills, CEO

Infant Morbidity and Mortality: The Role of Regionalized EMS and Trauma System Response (PPT - 4 MB) - Joseph L. Wright, MD, MPH

Lessons from the Front: Central Harlem Healthy Start – A MCH Life Course Organization (PPT - 4 MB) - Mario Drummonds, MS, LCSW, MBA

HRSA Maternal and Child Health Bureau (PPT - 1 MB) - Peter C. Van Dyck, MD, MPH

Preconception Health & Health Care: A Life-Course Perspective (PPT - 5 MB) - Michael C. Lu, MD, MPH

Untitled Presentation (PPT - 33 MB) - Michigan Inter-Tribal Council

Update on the Healthy Start National Evaluation (PPT - 1 MB)

What We Know About the ‘Other’ Deaths (PPT - 3 MB) - Mary D. Overpeck, DrPH


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