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Department of Health and Human Services
Negotiated Rulemaking Committee on Designation of MUPs and HPSAs
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Second Meeting

October 13-14, 2010, Rockville, Maryland


The meeting included discussion of the various components of a possible methodology for identifying areas of shortage and underservice, based on the recommendations of the Committee in the previous meeting. The Thursday afternoon meeting included development of the agenda for the next meeting, as well as an opportunity for public comment. 

The meeting was open to the public.

Notice of the October 13-14 meeting (meeting originally scheduled October 13-15)
Summary Meeting Minutes (PDF - 112 KB)

Meeting Materials

* Materials were created for the informative use of the Committee only and are not meant to be official documents from HRSA.

Summary of Comments on the Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (PDF - 26 KB)

Lessons Learned (PPT - 192 KB) presentation by John Snow, Inc.

Methods for Estimating Population-Level Need/Demand for Primary Care Services (PPT - 400 KB) presentation by John Snow, Inc.

Preliminary List of Potential Data Sources (PDF - 35 KB)

Program Use of HPSA/MUA/MUP Designation (XLS - 42 KB)

Programs that Used Shortage Designations to Allocate Resources (PDF - 13 KB)

Public Comment

Written Comment from Janet R. Kahn, PhD,  Executive Director, Integrated Healthcare Policy Consortium (PDF - 134 KB)

Written Comment from Donald Patrick Albert and Ferry Butar Butar (PDF - 261 KB)

Written Comment from Michael Traub, ND, Federal Policy Committee, Integrated Healthcare Policy Consortium (PDF - 147 KB)

Written Comment from Jean Public (PDF - 76 KB)


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