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Department of Health and Human Services
Negotiated Rulemaking Committee on Designation of MUPs and HPSAs
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Sixth Meeting

March 8-10, Crystal City, Virginia
Meeting Notice


The meeting included a discussion of various components of a possible methodology for identifying areas of shortage and underservice, based on the recommendations of the Committee in the previous meeting. 

The Thursday meeting also included development of the agenda for the next meeting. 

Members of the public had the opportunity to provide comments during the meeting on Thursday afternoon. 

The meeting was open to the public, with attendance limited to space available. 

Agenda (PDF - 94 KB)

Minutes (PDF - 58 KB)

Meeting Materials

* Materials were created for the informative use of the Committee only and are not meant to be official documents from HRSA.

HPSA and MUA/P Negotiated Rulemaking Revised Draft Road Map (PPT - 160 KB) 

Medically Underserved Populations – Streamlined and Non-Streamlined Processes (PDF - 2 pages)

Summary of Workforce Workgroup Conference Call on Outstanding Decisions (PDF - 3 pages)

Facilities Designation Workgroup – Proposal Summary (3/8/11) (PDF - 1 page)

Proposal for Health Status Portions of the New MUA Process to be Tested (PDF - 1 page)

Weighting and Combining Components – Conceptual Diagram (XLS - 12 KB) 

Health Status Workgroup – Access/Barriers Decision Points (3/9/11) (PDF - 1 page)

Service Areas that are Rational for the Delivery of Care (PPT - 230 KB) 

Proposal for HPSA Facility Designation (3/10/11) (PDF - 1 page)

Overview of Impact Testing Plan (PPT - 115 KB)

Public Comments

Mary Clark (PDF - 1 page)

Jean Public (PDF - 2 pages)

Diane Turner (PDF - 1 page)

Mary Looker, Chief Executive Officer, Washington Association of Community & Migrant Health Centers (PDF - 2 pages)

Mary Jo Goolsby, Director of Research and Education, American Academy of Nurse Practitioners (PDF - 2 pages)