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Department of Health and Human Services
Negotiated Rulemaking Committee on Designation of MUPs and HPSAs
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Twelfth Meeting

September 21-23, 2011, Rockville, Maryland

Meeting Notice

The meeting included a discussion of various components of a possible methodology for identifying areas of shortage and underservice, based on the recommendations of the Committee in the previous meeting. 

Meeting Materials

* Materials were created for the informative use of the Committee only and are not meant to be official documents from HRSA.

MUA Models for Testing (September 2011) (Word - 255 KB)

Table 1.1- Summary of the Impact Testing on Existing MUAs (XLS - 15 KB)

Table 1.2- Summary of Overall National Impact (XLS - 15 KB)

Table 2.1- MUA Modeling Alternative: NP/PA at .75 vs. 1.0 (XLS - 17 KB)

Table 2.2- MUA Modeling Alternative: 100% vs. 200% Poverty (XLS - 15 KB)

Table 2.3- MUA Modeling Alternative: Barriers (Highest 2)vs. (Highest 1) vs. (Uninsured 400% Below Poverty + 4 Equally Weighted) (XLS - 15 KB)

Table 2.4- MUA Modeling Alternative Travel time vs. density as a potential barrier (XLS - 16 KB)

Table 3.1—MUA Modeling Alternative: Thresholds at 25%; 33%; 50% (XLS - 24 KB)


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