Track Grant Application

1. Application Receipt

During the Application Receipt step, the applicant will submit the application through If the application is two-tier, the applicant will also submit the application in the EHBs.

2. Screening Review

During this step, the application will undergo a screening review for eligibility, completeness, responsiveness, and timeliness per the guidance in the funding opportunity announcement. Applications determined to be ineligible, incomplete, or non-responsive will not be considered for funding.

3. Technical Review

During this step, applications undergo a Technical Review and ranking based on the criteria specified in the funding opportunity announcement. The Technical Review provides advice on the merits of each application to program officials responsible for final award selections. A summary of comments made by the reviewers, regarding the strengths and weaknesses of the application submitted, will be provided to all applicants.

4. Award Determination

During this step, HRSA uses the recommendations from the Technical review to determine which applications will receive funding. The applications selected for funding are then reviewed for compliance with HRSA program requirements including applicant's financial viability and a final decision is made on funding.