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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resources for Community-Based Workforce Outreach Awardees

As part of the American Rescue Plan, HHS and HRSA have awarded nearly $390 million under the Community-Based Outreach for COVID-19 Vaccine Outreach (CBO) Program to develop and support a community-based workforce that will engage in locally-tailored efforts to build vaccine confidence and bolster COVID-19 vaccinations in underserved communities. The resources on this page are intended to aid CBO Program award recipients and other community-based organizations in providing accurate COVID-19 vaccine information, toolkits, guidance, tailored resources, and data sources.

Addressing General Misinformation and Building Vaccine Confidence

CDC: Strategies to build confidence with COVID-19 vaccines and a rapid community assessment guide

The Center for Faith-based and Neighborhood Partnerships: FAQ and Guide to Supporting Vaccine Confidence for Faith and Community Leaders (PDF - 272 KB)

HHS: Confronting COVID-19 Vaccine Misinformation and toolkit (PDF - 2 MB)

HHS: COVID-19 Public Education Campaign, shareable social media and informational content, campaign ads, audio recordings and videos and toolkit

HHS: Find a COVID-19 Vaccine near you. Search by ZIP code to find local vaccination providers for patients of all ages, including contact information and links to make appointments. 

NIH Community Engagement Alliance (CEAL): Tip Sheet for Health Professionals Working with Community Members to Address Misinformation (PDF - 268 KB)

Public Health Communications Collaborative: FAQ for vaccines, COVID protection, pandemic coping, and vaccine hesitancy

The U.S. Surgeon General: Community Toolkit for Addressing Health Misinformation, which provides specific guidance and resources for health care providers, educators, librarians, faith leaders, and trusted community members to understand, identify, and stop the spread of health misinformation in their communities.

The White House: Path Out of the Pandemic - President Biden’s COVID-19 Action Plan

Resources for Providers to Build Vaccine Confidence

Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality: A Guide for Building COVID-19 Vaccine Trust and Increasing Vaccination Rates Among CNAs

American Hospital Association: Guidance for COVID-19 safe practices, providing reliable vaccine information to address specific vaccine concernsalso available in Spanish

ASTHO and De Beaumont Foundation: From Concern to Confidence: How Physicians Can Build Trust in COVID-19 Vaccines (PDF - 219 KB)

CDC: Resources for Community Health Workers, Community Health Representatives, and Health Promoters

CDC: Talking with Patients about COVID-19 Vaccination, applying motivational interviewing techniques

Greater Than Talking points and short videos from healthcare and community health workers providing vaccine educationalso available in Spanish

Health Center Resource Clearinghouse: Promising practices, COVID preparedness, and COVID resources for Health Centers

HHS: Family Vaccination Site Playbook, Family Vaccination Sites are intended for the whole family—offering primary vaccinations and booster shots, and the pediatric vaccine for kids ages 5-11 years.

Indian Health Service: COVID-19 Vaccine Confidence Materials

National Association of Community Health Centers: COVID-19: Information and Resources for Community Health Centers including a Communication Toolkit for Health Centers

National Association of Community Health Workers: From Crisis to Opportunity: Resources and Guidance that CHWs Want from Employers During the Pandemic (PDF - 628 KB)

COVID-19 Variants

CDC: What you need to know about variantsavailable in multiple languages

Engaging Minority Communities

CDC: COVID-19 Vaccine Equity for Racial and Ethnic Minority Groups

FDA: Fact sheets, brochures, and videos discussing diversity in COVID vaccine clinical trials

HHS Juntos Si Podemos: Spanish-Language Resources for Community Health Workers, Community Health Representatives, and Health Promoters

HHS Office of Minority Health: Advancing the Response to COVID-19: Sharing Promising Programs and practices for Racial and Ethnic Minority Populations

John Hopkins Center for Health Security: Equity in Vaccination: A Plan to Work with Communities of Color Toward COVID-19 Recovery and Beyond (PDF - 1 MB)

NIH Community Engagement Alliance (CEAL): Resources for ensuring inclusion, including fact sheets and other resources available in multiple languages. Connect to the CEAL Teams in your state or listen to the Nov 2021 Webinar to HRSA CBO Award Recipients (recording).

National Resource Center for Refugees, Immigrants, and Migrants (NCR-RIM): COVID-19 Vax Facts in over 40 languages. Additional toolkits include topics: Case investigation and contact tracingCommunication , Community EngagementTesting; and specific audiences: Community Health WorkersEmployer EngagementPartnerships , and Schools .

Guidance for Booster Shots and Additional Doses

CDC: Guidance on COVID-19 Booster Shots and toolkitavailable in multiple languages

HHS: Outreach Resources about COVID-19 Vaccine Boosters, including template emails, text messages, posters, flyers, FAQs, and talking points about boosters. Some resources are available in Spanish.

Mental Health Resources during the COVID-19 Pandemic

CDC:  Coping with Stress (during COVID-19) including tailored resources and toolkits for specific audiences (e.g., one specifically for Young Adults (PDF - 839 KB))

Iowa Department of Public Health: How to cope with Anxiety about Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic (PDF - 507 KB)

SAMHSA: Training and Technical assistance for mental health providers during COVID-19, including guidance for providers serving patients with specific mental health conditionsSome resources are available in Spanish.

Pediatric Vaccination Resources

HRSA: Action checklist for providers to assess their readiness to administer COVID-19 vaccinations for children ages 5 to 11

CDC: Pediatric COVID-19 Vaccination Operational Planning Guide (PDF - 291 KB)available in multiple languages

HHS: COVID-19 Public Education Campaign guidance related to pediatric COVID-19 vaccination

CDC: COVID-19 Vaccines for Children and Teensavailable in multiple languages

Pregnancy and COVID-19

HHS: Guidance for COVID-19 vaccines while pregnant or breastfeeding

American Hospital Association (AHA): Guidance for pregnant women or those who wish to become pregnant, available in Spanish

CDC: Resources and tools to help pregnant and recently pregnant people, breastfeeding people and new parents caring for infants protect their health and help people who serve these communities. Toolkit resource is included. Available in multiple languages.

CDC: Top 7 things pregnant people need to know related to vaccinations

Guidance and or Head Start, Schools, Teachers and Parents

CDC: Guiding principles and strategies in K-12 schools and early childhood settingsavailable in multiple languages

CDC: COVID-19 preparedness for parents, school administrators, colleges, teachers, and staffavailable in multiple languages

CDC: How schools can support COVID-19 vaccinationavailable in multiple languages

National Association of County Health Officials (NACCHO): Toolkit on how to establish school-located influenza vaccination programs organized and implemented by local health departments

National Head Start Association: a toolkit on Addressing Vaccine Hesitancy among Head Start Staff (PDF)

School-Based Health Alliance: Advancing Health Center & School Partnerships to Improve COVID-19 Vaccination Administration for Adolescents (PDF - 197 KB)

Rural Health

HHS: Rural Community Toolkit to increase public confidence in and uptake of COVID-19 vaccines in rural communities

HRSA: Rural Health Clinic COVID-19 Response programs, resources and contacts for rural-focused COVID-19 response programs

National Rural Health Resource Center: Customizable Communications Toolkit for Rural Healthcare Organizations

RHI Hub: COVID-19 Vaccination in Rural Areas. Rural-specific resources include: rural vaccination playbook, communication guides, training and technical assistance for rural providers, and other vaccine information specifically for rural populations.

Social Media Content

Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services (CMS): Information on COVID-19 health coverage and safety, and shareable infographics for COVID resourcesavailable in multiple languages

Food and Drug Administration (FDA): Various COVID-19 communication toolkits, including a social media toolkit for COVID-19 message framing

National Head Start Association: Toolkits on creating a social media campaign (PDF), and a PSA participation guide (PDF), including example PSA videos

Messaging for Individuals with Special Conditions

Administration for Community Living: Vaccination Resources for older adultsFAQs for the Aging Network (PDF - 662 KB) and a disability toolkit resource for people of all ages.

Autistic Self Advocacy Network: Plain language COVID-19 fact sheets and videos in English or Spanish

CDC: Guidance for Vaccinating Homebound Persons

HHS: Guidance and additional resources for providers and organizations on how to address COVID-19 for people living with HIV

National Institute on Drug Abuse: Encouraging People with Substance Use Disorders to Get Vaccinated Against COVID-19

SAMHSA: Training and technical assistance for providers serving patients with specific mental health conditionsSome resources are available in Spanish.

Tribes, Tribal Organizations, and Urban Indian Organizations COVID-19 guidance

Indian Health Service: COVID-19 Promotion Materials to provide information and address concerns regarding COVID-19 vaccines

Johns Hopkins Center for American Indian Health: House Resource Library for Native American Communities. Including a booster eligibility toolkit and a COVID-19 Child Vaccine Toolkit.

Johns Hopkins Center for American Indian Health: COVID-19 Materials for Tribes with resources, videos, and trainings

COVID-19 Testing and Vaccine Administration Guidance

CDC: Clinical information for COVID-19 vaccination administration, storage and handing, reporting, and patient education for each specific vaccine

CDC: Guidance on vaccine availability, information on travel safety, guidance for schools and childcare centers, and health equity promotion

CDC: Guidance for Healthcare workers caring for patients with COVID-19

CDC: Vaccination toolkits for communication, healthcare workforce, facilities, CBOs, schools, and childcare settings

CDC: COVID communication tools, promising practice resources, vaccination toolkits, COVID data, vaccine access information, resiliency, and coping strategies

HRSA: Expanding Access to COVID-19 Testing Supplies for Health Centers and Rural Health Clinics, including distribution of free COVID-19 testing supplies for distribution to patients and communities

HUD: COVID-19 Vaccination and Testing Toolkit (PDF - 257 KB)


Trends and Data

CDC: U.S. data tracking COVID cases, deaths, and trends

HHS: Recent data on vaccine hesitancy by demographic, state, county, geographic, and SES patterns

Kaiser Family Foundation: Graphics and articles on vaccine monitoring, vaccine campaigns, and information on vaccine rates for different demographics

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