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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resources for Community-Based Workforce Outreach Awardees

In June 2021, HHS, through HRSA, awarded $125 million to support 14 nonprofit private or public organizations to reach underserved communities to develop and support a community-based workforce that will engage in local to build vaccine confidence and bolster COVID-19 vaccinations in underserved communities. In July 2021, another $121 million was awarded to 127 local community-based organizations to support trusted voices in local communities in sharing information about vaccines, building vaccine confidence, and addressing barriers to vaccination for individuals in underserved communities.

The resources on this page are intended to aid HRSA award recipients and other community-based organizations in providing accurate vaccine information, toolkits, tailored resources, and recent COVID-19 data sources.

Addressing Misinformation

HHS Confronting COVID-19 Vaccine Misinformation
This resource includes PDFs for confronting COVID misinformation and videos addressing vaccine need and COVID myths.

HHS Health Misinformation Reports and Publications
This resource includes publications for confronting COVID-19 misinformation.

Addressing Vaccine Hesitancy

NHSA Sleeve Up for Head Start HRSA Exit Disclaimer
This resource includes a COVID-19 vaccination toolkit, information for identifying and addressing vaccine hesitancy, tips on creating a PSA, and additional resources about the COVID vaccine.

Public Health Collaborative Answers to Tough Questions about Public Health HRSA Exit Disclaimer
This resource includes answers to FAQs for vaccines, COVID protection, pandemic coping, and vaccine hesitancy.

HHS We Can Do This Covid-19 Public Education Campaign
This resource includes a COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy map, toolkits to increase vaccine confidence within multiple communities, shareable social media and informational content, campaign ads, audio recordings, and videos.

Building Trust with Minority Communities

Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security Equity in Vaccination: A Plan to Work with Communities HRSA Exit Disclaimer (PDF - 1.1 MB)
This resource includes information for practitioners working with communities of color regarding COVID-19 health equity.

OMH Advancing the Response to COVID-19: Sharing Promising Programs and Practices for Racial and Ethnic Minority Populations
This resource includes a virtual webinar featuring national, state, tribal, and local experts discussing how to address COVID-19 within racial and ethnic communities.

Building Vaccine Trust with Adults

ACL Strategies for Helping Older Adults and People with Disabilities Access COVID-19 Vaccines (PDF - 741 KB)
This resource includes information on vaccine access for older adults and disabled populations.

ACL Vaccination Resources
This resource includes vaccination resources, fact sheets, videos, and articles targeting older populations.

AHA COVID-19 Vaccines: A Guide for Individuals HRSA Exit Disclaimer
This resource includes guidance for COVID-19 safe practices, providing reliable vaccine information to address specific vaccine concerns.

AHRQ Invest in Trust: A Guide for Building COVID-19 Vaccine Trust and Increasing Vaccination Rates Among CNAs
This resource includes a guide for providers to decrease vaccine hesitancy among Certified Nursing Assistants.

ASTHO From Concern to Confidence: How Physicians Can Build Trust in COVID-19 Vaccines HRSA Exit Disclaimer (PDF - 219 KB)
This resource includes guidance for physicians building vaccine trust among patients.

CDC State of Vaccine Confidence (SOVC) reports
This resource includes resources to build confidence with COVID-19 vaccines, including strategies and a rapid community assessment guide.

CMS Building COVID-19 Vaccine Confidence Partner Webinar
This resource includes webinars on building COVID-19 vaccine confidence and examining racism in health care focused on COVID's impact.

Preparedness for Parents & Teachers

CDC Schools and Child Care Programs
This resource includes information to help with COVID-19 preparedness for parents, school administrators, teachers, and staff.

Reducing Anxiety

IDPH How to Cope with Anxiety about Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) (PDF - 508 KB)
This resource includes guidance for coping with anxiety surrounding COVID-19.

IHS COVID-19 Vaccine Confidence Materials
This resource includes information on the IHS response to COVID-19 and COVID-19 vaccine confidence materials.

Rural and Community Health

NACHC COVID-19 Information for Community Health Centers HRSA Exit Disclaimer
This resource includes links to COVID-19 infographics, vaccine communication toolkits, PPE and testing information, health center financial impact, social determinants of health, and COVID-19 reports.

National Rural Health Resource Center Customizable Communications Toolkit: Rural Healthcare Organizations HRSA Exit Disclaimer
This resource includes communication toolkits for rural health, a webinar series for community outreach and education, and vaccine confidence campaigns.

RHIhub COVID-19 Vaccination in Rural Areas HRSA Exit Disclaimer
This resource includes links for rural vaccine access, vaccination playbook, communication guides, training and technical assistance for providers, and vaccine information for specific populations.

Social Media Content

CMS C2C COVID-19 Resources
This resource includes information on COVID-19 health coverage and safety, and shareable infographics for COVID resources in multiple languages.

FDA #VaccineReady Social Media Toolkit
This resource includes a social media toolkit for COVID message framing.

Special Conditions Coronavirus (COVID-19) and People with HIV
This resource includes links that guide providers and organizations on how to address COVID-19 for people with HIV.

Testing Toolkits

HUD COVID-19 Vaccination and Testing Toolkit (PDF - 257 KB)
This resource includes a COVID-19 vaccination and testing toolkit.

CDC Clinical Resources for Each COVID-19 Vaccine
This resource includes clinical information for COVID-19 vaccination administration, storage and handing, reporting, and patient education for each specific vaccine.

CDC COVID-19 Vaccine General Information
This resource includes links on vaccine availability, information on travel safety, guidance for schools and childcare centers, and health equity promotion.

CDC COVID-19 Vaccination Toolkits
This resource includes vaccination toolkits for communication, healthcare workforce facilities, CBOs, schools, and childcare settings.

CDC National Forum on COVID-19 Vaccine
This resource includes COVID communication tools, promising practice resources, vaccination toolkits, COVID data, vaccine access information, resiliency, and coping strategies.

Trends & Data

ASAN COVID-19 Vaccine Fact Sheet HRSA Exit Disclaimer
This resource includes plain language COVID-19 fact sheets and videos in English or Spanish.

CDC COVID Data Tracker
This resource includes U.S. data tracking COVID cases, deaths, and trends.

Johns Hopkins University of Medicine Tracking COVID-19 HRSA Exit Disclaimer
This resource includes data tracking on national and worldwide COVID trends.

KFF Coronavirus (COVID-19) HRSA Exit Disclaimer
This resource includes graphics and articles on vaccine monitoring, vaccine campaigns, and information on vaccine rates for different demographics.

NIH Community Engagement Teams
This resource includes links on research conducted for COVID-19 disparities and high impacted areas.

ASPE Vaccine Hesitancy for COVID-19: State, County, and Local Estimates
This resource includes data on vaccine hesitancy and files on demographic, State, County, geographic, and SES patterns.

FDA Clinical Trial Diversity
This resource includes fact sheets, brochures, and videos discussing diversity in COVID vaccine clinical trials.

FDA COVID-19 Educational Resources
This resource includes educational videos, toolkits, resources, podcasts, and consumer articles for COVID-19.

Health Center Resource Clearinghouse COVID-19 HRSA Exit Disclaimer
This resource includes links for information about promising practices, COVID preparedness, and COVID resources.

Date Last Reviewed:  August 2021