Donación de órganos

October 5, 2017

HRSA's Healthcare System Bureau launched Spanish-language Facebook page
Spanish language advertising urging organ donation now extends
across multiple social media platforms, as the Healthcare Systems Bureau
seeks to bridge gaps in donor registration.

In recognition of Hispanic Heritage Month (Sept. 15-Oct. 15), HRSA's Healthcare Systems Bureau (HSB) has launched its first Spanish-language Facebook page HRSA Exit Disclaimer to promote organ, eye and tissue donation, and encourage Hispanics to sign up to donate and share their stories.

From the new Facebook page users can link to the HHS website.

"With 58 percent of those on the organ-recipient waiting list minorities, we saw the need to focus on Hispanics, because they're such a big part of the population and so rapidly growing," said Mary Ganikos of the Division of Transplantation.

"The first step was to put together a mirror image of what we have on the Facebook page, but also to include information that is particular to the Hispanic language and culture," added the division's Melanie Deal.

A 2012 national survey by the bureau found that nearly 95 percent of Hispanics support or strongly support organ donation — and almost 67 percent said they would definitely or probably want their organs to be donated. Hispanics also were more likely than other ethnic groups to express confidence that the current organ allocation system is fair.

But they were significantly less likely to report having signed a donor card, joined a state donor registry or registered through their drivers licenses, suggesting that there is a gap in understanding in the community about how the system works.

"There are so many myths and so much misinformation about organ donation that keep people from signing up to be a donor, especially if they have limited English proficiency," Ganikos said. "It's really important to read about it in your own tongue."

The original organ-donation Facebook page can be viewed in English, Portuguese, French and German. It has over 220,000 followers, and has won several national awards.

HSB's Division of Transplantation requests that staff and stakeholders "like" the new Spanish Facebook page and promote it to your colleagues, partners and stakeholders.

Watch HRSA's Hispanic outreach video. HRSA Exit Disclaimer

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Date Last Reviewed:  October 2017