HRSA Celebrates Nurses

Photo of 2 nurses with text: For 17 consecutive years, the American public has ranked nurses the most trusted professionals
Since 1954, National Nurses Week has recognized the invaluable service of nurses to the American people. They are pivotal to the success of HRSA programs that help those who need it most -- especially in times of crisis. And they are friends and colleagues. Almost half of HRSA staff who are clinicians are nurses.

Why Nursing? Listen to nurses explain what the profession means to them.

HRSA's nursing programs help sustain the profession, improve diversity and afford opportunities to aspiring nurses who might not otherwise have a path into the ranks of the most widely respected profession in America. Here's how:

  • In 2018-2019, HRSA's Advanced Nursing Education Workforce program trained more than 3,600 nursing students -- of which, more than 30 percent were underrepresented minorities and/or from disadvantaged backgrounds;
  • About 1.8 million Americans receive care from more than 1,700 Nurse Corps clinicians;
  • More than 3,400 nurses in HRSA's National Health Service Corps provide care to 3.7 million Americans;
  • Nurse practitioners comprise the largest primary health care discipline in the Service Corps, at more than 3,150;
  • Some 29,000 nurses practice at HRSA-funded community health centers in rural, urban and underserved areas. Health centers provide primary care to more than 28 million people in the United States -- or 1 in 12 nationwide -- and often are led by nurses.

Photo of a nurse with text: There are approximately 29,000 health center nurses providing care to more than 28 million patients in rural, urban, and underserved areas.

This week, please join HRSA in acknowledging the contributions of nurses, who serve daily on the front lines providing compassionate care to those in need. Explore HRSA's nursing programs and learn more about the role nurses are playing in communities across the country.

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Date Last Reviewed:  May 2020