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MCH Workforce Development Centers Funding Opportunity

On-Demand TA Webcast (05/07/2013)

Application Technical Assistance


Approximately $1.8 million may be available to support workforce development for State Title V program leaders and staff to meet current public health MCH policy and programmatic imperatives in four key topic areas around implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA): 

  • access to care;
  • quality improvement; 
  • systems integration; and 
  • population health management.  

Up to four  national training hubs, or one central hub, based in institutions of higher education, will coordinate training efforts around the key topic areas, to enhance the capacity of the MCH workforce to lead and/or engage in ongoing ACA implementation and public health transformation.  

Formal and informal academic-practice partnerships between the national training hub(s) and State Title V programs and as appropriate, other national partners will be required to accomplish the goals of this program.

Eligible Applicants

Public or nonprofit private institutions of higher learning

Application Deadline

Apply at by June 7

Last updated 04/29/2013

Register Today

Before you can apply for this funding opportunity, you must register in three places: DUNS, SAM, and

Be sure to provide complete and consistent information to all three systems. If there is a problem anywhere in the process, your registration can take 4 weeks or longer.

Before you do anything else, make sure you Register & Get Ready