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Service Area Competition Technical Assistance

General Technical Assistance Call

FY 2011 Service Area Competition—New and Competing Continuation Funding (HRSA-11-007, HRSA-11-008, HRSA-11-009, HRSA-11-010, HRSA-11-011, HRSA-11-012, HRSA-11-013, and HRSA-11-014)

  • Wednesday, September 8, 2010
  • 2:00 p.m. Eastern Time
  • Dial-In Number: 1-888-950-5926
  • Participant Passcode: 9523485
  • SAC 2011 Presentation Slideshow (PPT - 1,995KB)
  • Replay: 1-800-879-1270 (available through 01/24/2011)

New and Competing Continuation Funding (HRSA-11-007 – HRSA-11-014)

Eligible Applicants

Eligible applicants for SAC FY2011 must be:

  1. Public or nonprofit private entities, including tribal, faith-based and community-based organizations; and
  2. Organizations proposing to serve a service area and/or population(s) identified in Appendix D of the funding opportunity announcement.

This includes:

  • Health Center Program grantees (including grantees previously identified as “new starts” due to their recent initial funding) whose project period ends on, or after October 31, 2010 and before October 1, 2011.
  • Organizations proposing to serve an entire service area and/or population identified in Appendix D of the funding opportunity. Such organizations represent a consortium of health centers who through their partnership can serve an entire announced service area and/or population.
  • Only one SAC application is submitted for consideration from the same applicant organization under a single announcement number in FY 2011. If more than one SAC application is submitted under a single announcement number, HRSA will only accept the last application received in, and will not review any other applications from the same organization.
  • Application requests section 330 funds to support the operation of a health center for the provision of required comprehensive primary, preventive, enabling and additional health care services including oral health care, mental health care and substance abuse services as appropriate, either directly on-site or through established arrangements without regard to ability to pay. An applicant may not propose an application to provide only a single service, such as dental, mental health or prenatal services.
  • Application proposes access to services for all individuals in the targeted service area or population. In other words, applicant does not propose to exclusively serve a single age group (e.g., children), lifecycle (e.g., geriatric), or health issue/disease category (e.g., HIV/AIDS). In instances where a sub-population is being targeted within the service area or population (e.g., homeless children and adolescents/children in schools), the applicant must demonstrate how health care services will be made available to other persons in need of care who may seek services at the proposed site(s).
  • Application request for annual Federal section 330 funding as presented on the SF 424A, DOES NOT exceed the established cap of section 330 funding available to support the announced service area.
  • Application adheres to the 150-page limit on the length of the application when printed by HRSA. See the table in the Application and Submission Information section of this guidance for specific information regarding the documents included in the 150 page limit.

Please Note: All applicants must have at least one healthcare facility physically located in the available service area, or a plan to establish a healthcare facility in the service area within 120 days of Notice of Award.

Program Requirements/Expectations

In addition, applicants must:

  • Provide services to the entire announced service area
  • Provide services to the same target population currently being served (i.e., applicants may not propose to serve only a segment of the existing population being served)
  • Provide the same or comparable comprehensive primary health care services presently being provided to the target population
  • Utilize Federal funding to serve patients currently served by the existing Health Center Program grantee in an announced service area
  • Request an equal or lesser amount of Federal funding currently received by the Health Center Program grantee in the announced service area, including funding for special populations (i.e., MHC, HCH, and PHPC programs)
Date Last Reviewed:  April 2017


Cheri Daly, public health analyst
HRSA Office of Policy and Program Development
301-594-4300 |

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