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About the School-Based Health Center Capital Equipment Grant Program

The School-Based Health Center Capital Equipment Grant Program will award funds made available by the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act that will support school-based health center efforts to expand capacity to provide primary healthcare services to school-aged children.

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Eligible applicants for must be:

For this funding opportunity, eligible applicants must be a school-based health center or a sponsoring facility of a school-based health center that comply with all of the following requirements:

  1. Meets the definition of a school-based health center under section 2110(c)(9)(A) of the Social Security Act and is administered by a sponsoring facility (as defined in section 2110(c)(9)(B) of the Social Security Act); and
  2. Provides, at a minimum, comprehensive primary health services during school hours to children and adolescents by health professionals in accordance with established standards, community practice, reporting laws, and other State laws, including parental consent and notification laws that are not inconsistent with Federal law; and
  3. Does not perform abortion services.

A school-based health center is defined as he following:

  • Is located in or near a school facility of a school district or board, or of an Indian tribe or tribal organization;
  • Is open to provide services during school hours;
  • Is administered by a sponsoring facility;
  • Is organized through school, community, and health provider relationships;
  • Provides through health professionals primary health services to children in accordance with State and local law, including laws relating to licensure and certification; and
  • Satisfies such other requirements as a State may establish for the operation of such a clinic.

A sponsoring facility of school-based health centers can be the following:

  • hospital
  • public health department
  • health center
  • nonprofit health care agency
  • local educational agency
  • program administered by the Indian Health Service or the Bureau of Indian Affairs or operated by an Indian tribe or tribal organization.

Competing organizations must:

Only submit one application. The application may request Federal financial assistance under the SBHCC Equipment funding opportunity (HRSA-10-276) to purchase moveable equipment for multiple school-based health center sites. If more than one application is submitted, HRSA will accept the applicant’s last electronic submission validated by and/or EHB on or before the deadline date as the final and only acceptable application. HRSA will not allow applicants to edit their materials and add new information or attachments and resubmit their application through or the EHBs after the deadline.

Date Last Reviewed:  April 2017

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