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Service Area Competition

About the Program

Funding Opportunity Number: HRSA-23-023
Dates to Apply: 09/15/2022 to 11/14/2022
Bureau/Office: Bureau of Primary Health Care
Status: Open
Estimated Award Date: 06/01/2023
This notice announces the opportunity to apply for funding under the Health Center Program’s Service Area Competition (SAC). The Health Center Program supports domestic public or private, nonprofit community-based and patient-directed organizations that provide primary health care services to the Nation’s medically underserved populations. The purpose of the SAC notice of funding opportunity (NOFO) is to ensure continued access to comprehensive, culturally competent, high-quality primary health care services for communities and populations currently served by the Health Center Program.

Who Can Apply

You must be a domestic public or private, nonprofit entity, as demonstrated through the submission of the Evidence of Non-profit/Public Center Status (Attachment 11), outlined in Section Faith-based and community-based organizations, Tribes, and tribal organizations are eligible to apply.

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Itege Bailey, Beth Hartmayer, and Chrissy James

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