Health Workforce Research Center Cooperative Agreement Program

Announcement Number:

Bureau of Health Workforce

Date(s) to Apply:
01/12/2018 to 04/12/2018

Estimated Award Date:

What is the program?

The overarching purpose of the HWRC Cooperative Agreement Program is to: A. Collect, analyze, and report health workforce program data to the National Center for Health Workforce Analysis and to the public; and B. Provide technical assistance to local and regional entities on the collection, analysis, and reporting of health workforce data.

Are you eligible?

An eligible applicant for the HWRC Cooperative Agreement Program is a State, a State workforce investment board, a public health or health professions school, an academic health center, or an appropriate public or private nonprofit entity.  Faith-based and community-based organizations, Tribes, and tribal organizations may apply for these funds, if otherwise eligible.  Foreign entities are not eligible for this award.

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