Rural Health Care Services Outreach Program

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Federal Office of Rural Health Policy

Date(s) to Apply:
10/06/2017 to 12/15/2017

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What is the program?

The Outreach Program is a community-based grant program aimed towards promoting rural health care services by enhancing health care delivery in rural communities. Outreach projects focus on the improvement of access to services, strategies for adapting to changes in the health care environment, and overall enrichment of the respective community’s health. Through a consortia of local health care and social service providers, rural communities can develop innovative approaches to challenges related to their specific health needs. Furthermore, the program creates an opportunity to address the key clinical priorities of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS): serious mental illness, substance abuse, and childhood obesity.

Are you eligible?

Your organization must be a rural nonprofit or rural public entity that represents a consortium of three or more health care providers. For the purposes of the Outreach Program, a consortium can also be a network (see Appendix B for definition). Your organization must be located in a non-metropolitan county or in a rural census tract of a metropolitan county. All services must be provided in a non-metropolitan county or rural census tract.

If your organization’s headquarters are located in a metropolitan county that serves non-metropolitan or metropolitan counties, you (your organization/agency) are not eligible solely because of the areas you serve. In addition, if you are located in a metropolitan county with branches in a non-metropolitan county you are not eligible to apply if you are eligible only because of the areas or populations you serve.

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