Maternal and Child Health Public Health Catalyst Program

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Maternal & Child Health Bureau

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10/09/2019 to 01/08/2020

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What is the program?

This notice announces the opportunity to apply for funding under the Maternal and Child Health (MCH) Public Health Catalyst Program. The purpose of this program is to:
(1) develop and/or expand MCH curriculum, competencies, and degree offerings within schools of public health where there is currently a lack of, or limited, MCH offerings;
(2) strengthen the public health graduate student competencies in MCH; and (3) recruit graduate student trainees from underrepresented racial/ethnic backgrounds to complete MCH coursework.
You will select one of two program tracks based on applicant readiness (see Needs Assessment section for details). If you choose Track 1 – MCH Curriculum Start-Up, you will: (1) develop and offer at least one graduate-level credit bearing course focused on foundational MCH population health. If you choose Track 2 – MCH Curriculum Expansion, you will: (1) expand current MCH curricular offerings, and (2) develop and offer a graduate-level public health degree, certificate, or concentration in MCH by the end of the 5-year period of performance.
Recipients in both tracks will: (1) recruit graduate student trainees who are from underrepresented backgrounds (including racial and ethnic minorities), who are underrepresented in the maternal and child health field; (2) support graduate students to complete a practicum experience with a MCH organization or to focus on a MCH-related topic; (3) create and/or maintain a student-led organization, events and/or activities that bring together graduate students in the public health school with an interest in MCH; and (4) develop and implement a sustainability plan to outline how MCH curriculum offerings and student interest groups will be continued after federal funding ends.

Are you eligible?

Domestic public or nonprofit private institutions of higher learning may apply for training grants.


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