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August 4, 2020 Webinar FAQs


Is there a contact at HRSA that can re-issue my organization’s NoAs?

Who is our grants management specialist? What is EHB?

Please explain the difference between project period and budget period as it relates to our H80 grant. It is my understanding that the project period is cumulative (i.e. the date the initial H80 base grant was awarded).

Do you penalize for a relinquishment?

How is the amount in the NOA determined?

Would adding a mobile clinic be considered a change in scope?

Equipment and Supplies

Do I need to request equipment and supply budget items at the time of the approved proposal?

Once a supply (fax machine, phone, etc.) becomes obsolete, how does the grant dispose of them? Does it require instructions from HRSA?

Is prior approval required to dispose of equipment, regardless of the age of the item?

Would we would need to make a prior approval request for equipment over $5k is if it was not included in the original budget?

Can you clarify the previous statement regarding bundling supplies that exceed $5000? I have always treated like items as individual supplies if they are individually less than $5000. However, we were told to "aggregate" like supplies that exceed $5000 in total. Can you please provide an example of supplies that would need to be aggregated and treated as equipment?

Regarding getting rid of obsolete supplies (computers, phones, fax machines etc.) While it doesn't require direction from HRSA, is there documentation that must be completed for tracking purposes?

Budgeting, Carry-overs, and Prior Approvals

Is the 25% rebudgeting threshold per budget period, or for the entire project period?

How far in advance of the end of the budget period should we submit a re-budgeting prior approval?

Is the 25% rule for re-budgeting 25% of total award or 25% of budget category?

Due to the pandemic, we have had a decrease of patient visit; therefore, a decrease in program income. Do we need to submit a revised budget to adjust program income?

If approved with Expanded Authority, does a carry-over of unobligated funds need to be completed to provide information on carry over questions?

If we have expanded authority and need to carryover funds less than 25% of grant do we still need to submit budget if using funds for the originally budgeted purpose?

If an award gets a no cost extension for the year, do we need to complete a carryover request to carryover the unobligated funds?

We received a notice that HRSA will consider prior approval requests to carryover funds from budget periods that are not immediately prior to the new budget periods. Will these be case-by-case determinations?

Can we carryover an unobligated balance from one three-year project period (not a budget one year period) into the next three-year project period for an FQHC?

Do we need prior approval to carryover an unobligated balance of under 25% (per Expanded Authority)?

Regarding re-budgeting: do we need prior approval if we're moving $500 from travel to supplies? If so, does that mean any movement of funds between category lines requires a prior approval?

Do we submit a prior approval if we have a new CEO in our organization?

Do we need to request prior approval to purchase a laptop with a unit cost less than 5k if not in the original budget?

If a Carryover of Unobligated Balance is less than 25% of the total Grant Award, and is listed in the FFR, is a Prior Approval request required?

Is it possible for HRSA to share examples of the budget narratives? This is an area where my organization always struggles.

Can you please speak to how to determine if something in the budget is an indirect cost, particularly if we do not have a negotiated indirect cost rate and just want to do the de minimis?  What is the de minimis indirect rate?

Can you clarify about when/why non-federal resources need to be listed in an application?

Do I need to carry the executive salary rate at the time of award Or can/should that change in future years of our project period if that federal executive rate increases?

If a 100% (1 FTE) employee in a budget has salary cap base salary of $197,300, can the HRSA budget also charge fringe only for that $197,300 capped amount? (Is this what it mean to "adjust fringe proportionately?)

Can you please restate the definition for Program Income?  Would you consider donations and private grants as program income?

Allowable Costs

Please share examples of allowable costs.

What is the cap on hotel amounts?

If we are organizing mini-trainings for our preceptors, would we be allowed to pay speakers a small honoraria?

Is food used as a part of a support group -- or an incentive to attend support group -- an allowable cost?

Are professional licenses and/or professional certifications renewals allowable?

Are advertising costs for a program allowable?


Date Last Reviewed:  October 2020